Is Internet Marketing an Art or Science?

Many a people over the years have pondered over whether many skills/subjects are an art or a science, but what niche does marketing fall in?

There are different types of marketing around the internet on-line arena – some demand creativity like graphic design which eludes the science tag really and lends itself very much to art. First you need an idea, something fresh and original that relates your brand to your customers.  It’s crucial to be creative with your slogans, although not too clever or convoluted – that can sometimes just leave your subject confused and bewildered by your message.


If you’ve ever been to the modern art exhibition in London South Bank, you may have wondered if some of their pieces are actually deserve the label  ’art’ or not. Piling a load of bean cans on top of each other in my book is not art. Am I dissing ‘modern art’ as being true art at all? Maybe, but back to the point in question, does art ever cross over to science? How can this be defined? Is it too complex to be answered in such a way?

Some areas of marketing like web optimisation are most definitely a science. Search engine algorithms are defined and work to a rule of thumb , a set of layered rules that ascertain what a website is about.  A website is made up of pictures, but underneath it’s a complex black hole of CSS, html, title tags and Java script to name a few. The art of doing search engine optimisation is truly a science. Why? Science can be defined in terms of experimental investigation, observation, identification of a phenomena.  Who can argue that the internet is a phenomena, and its make up and its for ever perpetual changing and evolving into something new. Consultants and SEO Services UK companies are continually testing and deriving their conclusions from SEO testing and development projects – looking for patterns in Google’s algorithm with the ultimate aim of revealing how it decides to place a website at the ultimate number one position.  Only a few select people know the exact ingredients to the magic set of rules and idiosyncratic way in which it decides to rule over the millions of websites like a God and the kings of the earth.  SEO is undoubtedly a science. I fear not any one would argue this point, any good SEO Consultant would agree!

So as easy as it maybe to conclude that 2 +2 is 4, I am forever perplexed by the answer to the aforementioned question. Any help or guidance would be favourably received, so please feel free to put in your two penn’th!  If you decide to contribute to this discussion, please take into consideration my lack of courtesy for long winded, protracted, ambiguous, impertinent, superfluous and extraneous sentences.

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