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Tis the Season – For Craftsy Ideas!

No matter where you live, the seasons are an important part of the year. Despite the change of the seasons, parents are stuck trying to find ways to keep their kids entertained- raid or shine, snow or heat wave.

So here are some inexpensive craft ideas that will keep the kids happy and will help you all celebrate the coming of each wonderful season.

Winter Wonderland Crafts

Not everyone can enjoy the beauty and majestic powder that is snow, but you can still build your own snowman. Materials include: parchment paper, cotton candy, frosting, pretzel sticks, brown M & Ms, and candy corn. Roll the cotton candy into three different sized balls. Glue the cotton candy balls onto the parchment paper. Then glue down the pretzel sticks as the snowman’s arms. Glue the M&Ms down the front as button and eyes, and glue the candy corn to the face as his nose. Voila! You have an edible snowman!

Spring into Crafts

Spring is when the birds come out and the birdsongs begin. You and your child can make a bird feeder using a large pinecone, peanut butter, and birdseeds. Take the pinecone, and using a butter knife, smear the outside of the pinecone with peanut butter. Once the pinecone is covered in peanut butter, roll it in birdseed. Now hang it from a tree branch or the eaves of your house.

Summer Fun Crafts

In the summer, the best thing you can make is ice cream. Materials include: an old 3 lbs coffee can with lid, an old 1 lb coffee can with lid, crushed ice, an ice cream recipe (vanilla is yummy), sea salt, and a lot of arm muscle. Put the liquid ice cream into the 1 lb coffee can and place this can in the larger coffee can. Liberally pour the ice and seal salt around the smaller coffee can, put on the lid and shake, shake, shake until the liquid ice cream is firm enough to eat with a spoon.

Fall into Fun Craft Ideas

The Fall (Autumn), is the season of Halloween fun. Why not create a Jack-o-Lantern? Creating a Jack-o-Lantern is easy and even provides you with pumpkin seeds to roast. Buy a pumpkin, clean out the icky insides, and with a carving knife (adult use only), carve out your favorite face. Once the carving is complete, light a votive candle, put it inside the pumpkin and enjoy!