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Marquee Hire Surrey – Outdoor Arts, Events, Music and Culture

Marquees are an excellent way to celebrate outdoors. Whether you are having an art exhibition, or a private event, perhaps and music gig a professionally installed marquee will make all the difference in the UK climate.

marqueeTony Scott from Abinger Marquees says “Planning an outdoor wedding anniversary party or any outdoor event for that matter… having a marquee for the occasion may be ideal for you” If you live in the Surrey area take a look at Marquee Hire Surrey.

Marquee hire companies in Surrey can also offer many other amenities to make your special occasion even more fantastic. From specialised lighting, Dance Floors, Lining, Furniture, and Music. The options could be endless and thus most Marquee Hire companies will have knowledge and experience in all other facets of the event.

The decoration of marquees also different between different marquee hire providers, some offering more traditional marquees whilst other provide more contemporary and “out there” designs and decorations.

Themes can be made and personalised for your event, for example Wedding Days, Corporate celebrations, birthday parties. Each Marquee should have the theme that is right for you. Decorations can include centrepieces, balloons, swag, backdrops, tables, chairs, dance floors, night sky ceilings, flowers and more.