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Antique Mirror Glass – Understanding your options

As with many things, we all have choices to make. In Australia, the land of equality and freedom of speech, we have the ability to choose how we live depending on the way we were brought up and our personality. This freedom of self goes right down to the freedom of being able to choose how we decorate our homes or workplace and the way we pay for our choices. If your choice happens to be an antique mirror, you have the choice of how to obtain it by either paying for it or making it yourself.

antique mirror glass

The most obvious option is searching for an antique on the internet using websites such as eBay and learning from television shows such as Antiques Roadshow as described on  This can be painstaking work because it takes hours, days, weeks, months, even years to find the exact mirror to fit your purpose.

However, there are easier options, such as paying someone else to make and design the mirror you have pictured in your mind. You basically pay someone to translate your idea into an object that can fit your personality and therefore your home or workplace. Websites such as offer a range of colours and styles of antique mirror glass as well as frames and fastenings. They can also research a desired effect for you if it is not listed on their website.

Of course, the cheapest option is to make an antique mirror yourself. Numerous websites provide instructions that you can follow and list all the materials required that you can buy from craft or warehouse stores. All you need to do is type in the keywords ‘how to distress a mirror’ in Google and you will understand how the professionals create such fine masterpieces without the added cost. Making one yourself can also bring out your creative side, be therapeutic and allow you to learn a new craft that others will admire and help you to feel accomplished. If cheap and fun coincides with your personality, this is the best option for you.

The Reality of Art: Reality TV and the Arts

The television is littered with shows that are meant to entertain, inspire, enlighten, anger, and uplift. You can turn the TV on without tuning into a drama, comedy, ‘dramedy’, do-it-yourself shows, documentaries, and reality TV shows.

The reality TV show has come a long way from Cops and other investigation type shows. Nowadays, you can watch people race around the world, bake cakes, bust myths, catch fish, survive in the wild, sing, act, juggle chainsaws, and dance.

realitytvBelieve it or not, the talent show has become the most popular reality show. What used to be a sad and silly school event that left many embarrassed and others triumphant, is now a multi-million dollar business- no business like show business.

If you love the art of dance, you need to tune into such reality shows as: Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, and Dance You’re A$$ Off where contestants audition for a place in the big show where they can showcase their dancing talent in front of millions of viewers.

If music is more your art of choice, you have to tune in, literally, and watch; American Idol. American Idol is one of the most watched shows of all time, racking in millions of viewers every show, especially the results show. American Idol has birthed such successful musical artists as: Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Hudson, and David Archuleta.

If you love visual and musical arts in general, you absolutely must set your DVR to record America’s Got Talent, or Britain’s Got Talent. These shows are national talent shows that seek out the most talented of people. Viewers watch, enjoy or cringe, and they get to choose which contestant they want to win.

The arts of music and dance have taken a new turn- from live on stage to live on TV, but the enjoyment of each is still the same.

Brighton is a fantastic city of art and culture

Brighton-PierBrighton is a fantastic city of art and culture. With historic surroundings, including traditional hotels and buildings, you can find great artwork wherever you choose to explore. Art is an enjoyable hobby and profession that many tourists and travellers like to indulge in or include within their short breaks in the UK. In Brighton you certainly won’t be disappointed by the high levels of antiques, beautiful décor and paintings, which are available all year round.

At Brighton Hotel Deals you can find the best hotels in Brighton to suit your visit to the sunny artistic city. Take your journey to the southern seaside resort this year and have a thoroughly enjoyable stay.