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Is Wedding Photography Art?

Is wedding photography art? Well yes it is, sort of, it’s obviously a little more complicated than that for wedding photography.

I’ve been a photographing for over 25 years now and  for the last 10 years with Howling Basset  around the National Wedding circuit.  I’d like nothing better than to approach a wedding on purely artistic grounds to photograph the couple and convey their love for each other, but the practicalities of photographing a wedding usually mean that I get 30-45 minutes at a wedding to purely focus on the couple themselves. The rest of the time is travelling between venues, group shots, appeasing the Vicar, trying to get everything done before the caterer starts to kick off. It’s a stressful time and the key to making it look relaxed, as far as the couple are concerned, is to be so experienced that it looks effortless.

Styles change and we’ve thankfully moved on from the completely staged photographs of the recent past. Having shot film in the day the only reason it was so staged back then was the prohibitive costs for film, processing and printing. It was literally £1 a shot in 1992 and that wasn’t for the finished set of prints.

Nowadays with digital it has really opened up weddings to be shot more artistically and hopefully emotively. Those staged shots still exist and should be too, get those in the can so to speak and then it’s onto more candid and reportage photography.   In 1992 I would shoot 100 shots per wedding and the wedding day was from the Bride’s arrival at the church to the start of the wedding breakfast.

In 2013 I now shoot 2,000 plus images per wedding and that’s over a much longer day from the bride getting ready right through to the first dance. With this amount of shots and being there all day I can really now tell the whole story of the day. From the bridesmaids messing about, the father of the bride welling up as he sees his daughter in her wedding dress; the relief as the wedding ceremony finishes to the slightly drunken antics of friends on the dance floor.

The other great thing that digital photography now allows is fantastic low light abilities. I can now shoot, with some expensive fast lenses, in a dimly lit church without any flash. In film days you had a few choices of film types but you simply couldn’t shoot in an interior without flash. Most clergy don’t allow flash during the service so as a photographer you just sat at the back waiting for the signing of the register. Speaking of the signing of the register shot; its one of those archaic shots left over from weddings of long ago which still persist in today’s wedding ceremonies. I heard a lovely story the other day of a couple who refused the signing of the register shot saying something along the lines of “why would I want a shot of us pretending to sign a piece of paper” very brave and hopefully the start of modernising wedding photography.

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Antique Mirror Glass – Understanding your options

As with many things, we all have choices to make. In Australia, the land of equality and freedom of speech, we have the ability to choose how we live depending on the way we were brought up and our personality. This freedom of self goes right down to the freedom of being able to choose how we decorate our homes or workplace and the way we pay for our choices. If your choice happens to be an antique mirror, you have the choice of how to obtain it by either paying for it or making it yourself.

antique mirror glass

The most obvious option is searching for an antique on the internet using websites such as eBay and learning from television shows such as Antiques Roadshow as described on  This can be painstaking work because it takes hours, days, weeks, months, even years to find the exact mirror to fit your purpose.

However, there are easier options, such as paying someone else to make and design the mirror you have pictured in your mind. You basically pay someone to translate your idea into an object that can fit your personality and therefore your home or workplace. Websites such as offer a range of colours and styles of antique mirror glass as well as frames and fastenings. They can also research a desired effect for you if it is not listed on their website.

Of course, the cheapest option is to make an antique mirror yourself. Numerous websites provide instructions that you can follow and list all the materials required that you can buy from craft or warehouse stores. All you need to do is type in the keywords ‘how to distress a mirror’ in Google and you will understand how the professionals create such fine masterpieces without the added cost. Making one yourself can also bring out your creative side, be therapeutic and allow you to learn a new craft that others will admire and help you to feel accomplished. If cheap and fun coincides with your personality, this is the best option for you.

Marquee Hire Surrey – Outdoor Arts, Events, Music and Culture

Marquees are an excellent way to celebrate outdoors. Whether you are having an art exhibition, or a private event, perhaps and music gig a professionally installed marquee will make all the difference in the UK climate.

marqueeTony Scott from Abinger Marquees says “Planning an outdoor wedding anniversary party or any outdoor event for that matter… having a marquee for the occasion may be ideal for you” If you live in the Surrey area take a look at Marquee Hire Surrey.

Marquee hire companies in Surrey can also offer many other amenities to make your special occasion even more fantastic. From specialised lighting, Dance Floors, Lining, Furniture, and Music. The options could be endless and thus most Marquee Hire companies will have knowledge and experience in all other facets of the event.

The decoration of marquees also different between different marquee hire providers, some offering more traditional marquees whilst other provide more contemporary and “out there” designs and decorations.

Themes can be made and personalised for your event, for example Wedding Days, Corporate celebrations, birthday parties. Each Marquee should have the theme that is right for you. Decorations can include centrepieces, balloons, swag, backdrops, tables, chairs, dance floors, night sky ceilings, flowers and more.


Tis the Season – For Craftsy Ideas!

No matter where you live, the seasons are an important part of the year. Despite the change of the seasons, parents are stuck trying to find ways to keep their kids entertained- raid or shine, snow or heat wave.

So here are some inexpensive craft ideas that will keep the kids happy and will help you all celebrate the coming of each wonderful season.

Winter Wonderland Crafts

Not everyone can enjoy the beauty and majestic powder that is snow, but you can still build your own snowman. Materials include: parchment paper, cotton candy, frosting, pretzel sticks, brown M & Ms, and candy corn. Roll the cotton candy into three different sized balls. Glue the cotton candy balls onto the parchment paper. Then glue down the pretzel sticks as the snowman’s arms. Glue the M&Ms down the front as button and eyes, and glue the candy corn to the face as his nose. Voila! You have an edible snowman!

Spring into Crafts

Spring is when the birds come out and the birdsongs begin. You and your child can make a bird feeder using a large pinecone, peanut butter, and birdseeds. Take the pinecone, and using a butter knife, smear the outside of the pinecone with peanut butter. Once the pinecone is covered in peanut butter, roll it in birdseed. Now hang it from a tree branch or the eaves of your house.

Summer Fun Crafts

In the summer, the best thing you can make is ice cream. Materials include: an old 3 lbs coffee can with lid, an old 1 lb coffee can with lid, crushed ice, an ice cream recipe (vanilla is yummy), sea salt, and a lot of arm muscle. Put the liquid ice cream into the 1 lb coffee can and place this can in the larger coffee can. Liberally pour the ice and seal salt around the smaller coffee can, put on the lid and shake, shake, shake until the liquid ice cream is firm enough to eat with a spoon.

Fall into Fun Craft Ideas

The Fall (Autumn), is the season of Halloween fun. Why not create a Jack-o-Lantern? Creating a Jack-o-Lantern is easy and even provides you with pumpkin seeds to roast. Buy a pumpkin, clean out the icky insides, and with a carving knife (adult use only), carve out your favorite face. Once the carving is complete, light a votive candle, put it inside the pumpkin and enjoy!

The Reality of Art: Reality TV and the Arts

The television is littered with shows that are meant to entertain, inspire, enlighten, anger, and uplift. You can turn the TV on without tuning into a drama, comedy, ‘dramedy’, do-it-yourself shows, documentaries, and reality TV shows.

The reality TV show has come a long way from Cops and other investigation type shows. Nowadays, you can watch people race around the world, bake cakes, bust myths, catch fish, survive in the wild, sing, act, juggle chainsaws, and dance.

realitytvBelieve it or not, the talent show has become the most popular reality show. What used to be a sad and silly school event that left many embarrassed and others triumphant, is now a multi-million dollar business- no business like show business.

If you love the art of dance, you need to tune into such reality shows as: Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, and Dance You’re A$$ Off where contestants audition for a place in the big show where they can showcase their dancing talent in front of millions of viewers.

If music is more your art of choice, you have to tune in, literally, and watch; American Idol. American Idol is one of the most watched shows of all time, racking in millions of viewers every show, especially the results show. American Idol has birthed such successful musical artists as: Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Hudson, and David Archuleta.

If you love visual and musical arts in general, you absolutely must set your DVR to record America’s Got Talent, or Britain’s Got Talent. These shows are national talent shows that seek out the most talented of people. Viewers watch, enjoy or cringe, and they get to choose which contestant they want to win.

The arts of music and dance have taken a new turn- from live on stage to live on TV, but the enjoyment of each is still the same.

Latest Fashion Jewellery Trends

Trends are always changing, especially when it comes to fashion jewellery. The latest styles are all about getting noticed. The following is a quick overview of the types of rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that are fashionable right now.


The new twist on rings is using different shapes rather than the conventional circle. Of course, the inner part of the ring is still round for a comfortable fit, but the outside of the ring can be square shaped, ball shaped, or even in the shape of a rose. Resin rings are in style right now, and the brighter the colour, the better.

bangle Necklaces

Some of the latest fashion necklaces are a modern twist on classic styles. For women who want a necklace that is not too flashy, they can opt for a silver chain with a silver charm and semiprecious stone attached. For women who want to get noticed, however, there is a wide array of necklaces with chunky beads to choose from, whether you want a necklace made of resin beads or semiprecious stones.


The trend with earrings today is a splash of colour. Earrings are not typically known for being a beach-friendly type of jewellery, but when they are done up in many colours, they are the perfect accent to any summer outfit. Stylish options include dangling cube earrings, square earrings on a post, or hoop earrings.

Bracelets / Bangles

The latest fashion jewellery seems to follow the trend that bigger is better, and Coco Lush fashion consultant says ‘today’s fashion bracelets reflect that on going trend’. There are several types to choose from, including bangles and elasticated bracelets. Many modern twists have been applied to fashion bracelets lately; some bangles are square-shaped rather than round, and beaded bracelets incorporate a variety of shapes, textures, and colours for an exotic look.

As a final note, the great advantage to these fashion jewellery trends is that women with sensitive skin who react to certain types of metals can still accessorize because many of these pieces are made from resin. On necklaces, women with sensitive skin can opt for a pendant necklace made from string or rope rather than from silver or gold.

Big bracelets, rings, and detailed necklaces have been in style recently. An added benefit to the latest fashions is that even women who shy away from jewellery due to sensitive skin can still enjoy the latest jewellery fashions.

Brighton is a fantastic city of art and culture

Brighton-PierBrighton is a fantastic city of art and culture. With historic surroundings, including traditional hotels and buildings, you can find great artwork wherever you choose to explore. Art is an enjoyable hobby and profession that many tourists and travellers like to indulge in or include within their short breaks in the UK. In Brighton you certainly won’t be disappointed by the high levels of antiques, beautiful décor and paintings, which are available all year round.

At Brighton Hotel Deals you can find the best hotels in Brighton to suit your visit to the sunny artistic city. Take your journey to the southern seaside resort this year and have a thoroughly enjoyable stay.

Is Internet Marketing an Art or Science?

Many a people over the years have pondered over whether many skills/subjects are an art or a science, but what niche does marketing fall in?

There are different types of marketing around the internet on-line arena – some demand creativity like graphic design which eludes the science tag really and lends itself very much to art. First you need an idea, something fresh and original that relates your brand to your customers.  It’s crucial to be creative with your slogans, although not too clever or convoluted – that can sometimes just leave your subject confused and bewildered by your message.


If you’ve ever been to the modern art exhibition in London South Bank, you may have wondered if some of their pieces are actually deserve the label  ’art’ or not. Piling a load of bean cans on top of each other in my book is not art. Am I dissing ‘modern art’ as being true art at all? Maybe, but back to the point in question, does art ever cross over to science? How can this be defined? Is it too complex to be answered in such a way?

Some areas of marketing like web optimisation are most definitely a science. Search engine algorithms are defined and work to a rule of thumb , a set of layered rules that ascertain what a website is about.  A website is made up of pictures, but underneath it’s a complex black hole of CSS, html, title tags and Java script to name a few. The art of doing search engine optimisation is truly a science. Why? Science can be defined in terms of experimental investigation, observation, identification of a phenomena.  Who can argue that the internet is a phenomena, and its make up and its for ever perpetual changing and evolving into something new. Consultants and SEO Services UK companies are continually testing and deriving their conclusions from SEO testing and development projects – looking for patterns in Google’s algorithm with the ultimate aim of revealing how it decides to place a website at the ultimate number one position.  Only a few select people know the exact ingredients to the magic set of rules and idiosyncratic way in which it decides to rule over the millions of websites like a God and the kings of the earth.  SEO is undoubtedly a science. I fear not any one would argue this point, any good SEO Consultant would agree!

So as easy as it maybe to conclude that 2 +2 is 4, I am forever perplexed by the answer to the aforementioned question. Any help or guidance would be favourably received, so please feel free to put in your two penn’th!  If you decide to contribute to this discussion, please take into consideration my lack of courtesy for long winded, protracted, ambiguous, impertinent, superfluous and extraneous sentences.